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Pat Wynn, CPDT-KA



                Building Relationships


I work with clients to address a wide range of issues, including basic manners, fearfulness, aggression and more. I teach force-free science-based training techniques to help you improve your communication with your pet. I can come to your home in the cities of Mercer Island, Bellevue, Seattle, Renton, Newcastle, and Issaquah.  



Because of the pandemic, I am not taking on clients, but I am happy to refer you to other force-free trainers that service your area. 


Please feel free to contact me through my email, by phone or through this website. Don't forget to let me know what neighborhood you live in.

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About Pat

I have had dogs and a variety of other animals all of my life. I got my first dog when I was just four years old! After a career as an attorney and after raising my children (and a lot more dogs), I decided to focus on my lifelong passion: dog behavior and training.


At the time, I owned Sky, a very fearful and dog aggressive Miniature Australian Shepherd. Traditional methods using correction and punishment were not working. In fact, they were making him worse. I began applying force free, positive reinforcement methods. Sky’s behavior improved, our communication and relationship blossomed and he became one of my favorite dogs (don’t tell the others!).

I wanted to help people change the way they view and interact with their dogs, so I decided to become a professional dog trainer. I applied myself fully to understanding dog behavior, reading extensively and attending seminars. To get the most experience with a variety of breeds and behaviors, I began volunteering at the Seattle Humane Society (SHS) in 2008.


Presently, I lead a training program at SHS for volunteers to provide basic manners and enrichment to shelter dogs. I also lead a team of volunteers who work with the dogs with extreme behavioral issues.


I am certified by the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT). CCPDT is the only professional certifying organization that requires members pass a knowledge assessment exam and prove experience in the field as a trainer or behavior consultant. I must also comply with continuing education requirements. But then, learning about dogs and dog behavior is what I like to do!


Thank you so much for helping us with Danny.  Your observation/training notes are amazingly detailed and will really make it easier to work with him on his various issues. -MC

Everything is going great! Bud is getting a lot better at obedience when we're out walking and he is way less nervous around other dogs. He's even been able to happily meet a few! -JP

Thank you for all of your help with training Bailey. I learned so much from you. -RD

I just wanted to check in and let you know your suggestions were extremely helpful and effective. All of the adjustments we made really served to bring out the best behavior in Charlie. -TR

Thank you so much for all the training sessions. My 7 year old nephew came to visit and he said meeting Abby was his favorite part. Thanks for teaching us how to bond with our Abby!


Personal Coaching

Make an appointment for an in-home consultation! After a detailed assessment, I will work with you to develop the skills you need to help you and your pup succeed.